A Few Words About Us

Diplomat Translation Agency is a reliable supplier of high-quality translation services for both private and business customers.
We provide fast, affordable and high quality translations by native speakers or qualified professionals worldwide. All of our translators are experienced, highly-qualified linguists with professionally recognized qualifications. They always translate into their own mother tongue, ensuring a completely fluent, accurate and natural translation. Furthermore, our translators only work in subject areas in which they are qualified and competent.

Over the last ten years our translators have participated in many large projects across Russia. We have been successfully cooperating with such world leading companies and organizations as Mechel (mining and steel production), GE, Alstom (machine-building, power industry), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Vinci Construction Grands Projets (construction) and many other.

What We Offer


Translation Services
Legal Translation. Financial Translation. Business Translation.


Technical Translation
Translation for localization of Manufacturing. Technical Documentation and Manuals Translation. Formatting, Page Makeup and Drawings Handling.


Interpreting Services
Simultaneous Interpreting. Consecutive Interpreting.

Our Team

Evgeny Belov
Translator EN-RU/RU-EN, project coordinator,PhD Linguistics

Elena Belova
Marketologist, researcher, project coordinator, HR specialist

Marina Morozova
Project coordinator, event manager

Ivan Belov
Graphics, web-design specialist